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Celebrating a moment in time

I received a wonderful gift the other day from a freelancer I worked with at NBC. I actually ran into Chris a few months ago outside a movie theater. I didn’t recognize him at first. My fear when he reminded me how we knew each other was that I had been an a–hole, as I was his manager at the time. If I could redo one thing at that time in my career, it’s that I had learned how to be a better manager. I wish I had asked to learn Six Sigma during my NBC/GE years and that I had been groomed to be stronger management material. Chris surprised me the other day with this sweet story. Thank you.

A fine example of how you never know how a small kindness that you do can affect someone else. In 2006 I was working at NBC, and Lynne Gullo had a bunch of rolled up posters in the corner of her office, and I fell in love with a poster from 1986 that showed all the NBC TV stars from that season: Bob Hope, Don Johnson, Bea Arthur. An incredible photo of 20th century TV legends. Lynne was like, “Really? If you want it, go ahead and take it.” I did. I framed it. And I gave it to

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Chris Botello's photo.
Laurie Coleman

Laurie Coleman How cool is that?

Lynne Gullo

Lynne Gullo Thank you Chris Chris Botello! You made my day!

Theresa Santoro

Theresa Santoro Lynne is really good people. That is an awesome photo!

Jim Gullo

Jim Gullo It might be a fitting tribute to send gifts to Lynne’s siblings. Just sayin.

Jim Gullo

Jim Gullo Or money.

Brenda Hurst

Brenda Hurst Lynne, that sure brings back memories!

Jeffrey Price

Jeffrey Price What Brenda said. wink emoticon

Robert Bob Demarest

Robert Bob Demarest This is the Lynne Gullo I remember ! …Bob D

Robin Deibler

Robin Deibler She’s a very cool chick!

Deirdre Cutter Walsh

Deirdre Cutter Walsh Yay Lynne Gullo!! You are the best. 😀

Lynne Gullo
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Still Tweeting After All These Years

Today I sent out my 10,000th tweet, a major milestone for me, a blip in the distant past for many of my colleagues and mentors. True to my company name, I was late to the game, but eager to keep up.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 1.12.00 PM

Like many people new to Social Media, I didn’t get it at first. I hired one of my UCLA classmates to teach me, a young woman named Caroline Dillingham, who already had a successful Social Media business named PowerOnDigital. She taught me the right way to tweet, retweet, favorite (now “heart”), respond and follow. Most of all, she taught me that Twitter should be a positive experience for both my followers and myself.

Here are a few reasons I still love and use Twitter daily:

  1. I love the immediate response and camaraderie from people and brands all over the world. Unlike my Facebook account where I know 95% of my connections, I know about 5% of my Twitter followers. Yet I’ve made genuine friendships after just a few tweets.
  2. It’s easy to share articles I find interesting in my fields of interest: advertising, television, pop culture and entertainment.
  3. Experts are accessible, responsive and very willing to share their knowledge. Just ask my professors from UCLA and Rutgers who are the rock stars of Twitter like @BeverlyMacy, @GlenGilmore, @NealSchaffer, @MarkWSchaefer and Christina Kerley @CKSays.
  4. I felt like a rock star myself when @AmericanIdol invited me and a select group of women behind the scenes of Season 13 and we became known as #IdolTweethearts. I thought I had hit the Twitter jackpot since Idol had over 1MM followers. I did get an initial bump with my participation, but not what I anticipated. Subsequently, 8000 of my 10,000 tweets have been about American Idol. Thank you for your patience, followers. There’s only one more season to go.
  5. Through this connection I also got to be a fringe guest tweeter for The Insider, ET and Vanity Fair Social Club. Thank you, @BryanMMoore. He has truly taken Twitter to a new, positive level with his group of #Twitterati.
  6. I can usually come up with daily 140 character tweets, whereas lengthy blogs stump me.

My pet peeves about Twitter (and all platforms for that matter):

  1. Don’t try to sell me followers EVER. I’m not interested in anything fake unless it’s in a Twinkie.
  2. Don’t try to sell me something everyday with every message.
  3. If I follow you, follow me back, please. It’s simple social media etiquette. It doesn’t mean we are best pals, just that we respect what each other is doing.
  4. While I may curse like a sailor in real life, I keep it clean on SM. I will not follow you if I find your messages vulgar.

Let’s continue on this journey. I’m always happy to coach people on best practices. Just follow me @pinkypulse!



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Happy Halloween!


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SERIAL and Why We Will Have to Wait Till We Die to Know the Truth

I don’t know how I’m going to survive my drive to work this week since I finished listening to the Serial podcast. My new job and hour commute was the perfect time to catch up on this gem that everyone was buzzing about in December.

For anyone even more behind than me, Serial was a weekly podcast spin-off of the radio show This American Life, hosted by Sarah Koening, who told the true story of the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee, a popular high school senior in the Baltimore area. Her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed was convicted and is serving life in prison for her murder. Koening skillfully re-examined his case and presented a gripping story with more holes than a slice of swiss cheese. You can and should download the Serial podcasts. Be sure to watch these SNL SERIAL  and FunnyOrDie parodies too when you’re done!

The series made me think of a book club I was in several years ago when we read The Lovely Bones, by Alice Sebold. The novel is told from the point of view of the young victim settling into heaven as she sees her murder solved and the reaction of her family and friends. I realized then that my idea of heaven is True Crime Heaven. I want the TRUTH about all of the murder stories I have heard throughout my life.

I picture myself on the escalator ride up to the pearly gates with each floor being a glimpse into the crimes of the century, like who murdered JFK, Marilyn Monroe, Nicole Simpson, JonBenet Ramsey, Reeva Steenkanmp, and now, Hae Min Lee. I’ll finally get to see if what I suspected was TRUE (multiple shooters, Peter Lawford, OJ, Patsy, Oscar, Adnan).  Huh, interesting, I knew it!, no way, why, no?

Then I got to thinking that maybe that’s too ugly a view to take with me. Maybe senseless, ugly human behavior is best left to the imagination and writers of Law & Order franchises. Why is it so hard to know the truth? Does anyone ever say yes I did it, but here’s why? Oscar Pistorius, to his credit at least admitted he made a mistake (take away points for killing her on Valentine’s Day, though). Was he telling the truth?

I’d also like to know how the “Mail Kimp” soundbite got included on Serial. Seriously, did they only interview three people for that spot?

What is your idea of heaven? What would you like to know on your escalator ride?

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Treading Water in the Employment Dance

I read these words recently: Having a job is a privilege.

I repeat them to myself every day.

I lost my job at Fox Home Entertainment two years ago in October. I was shocked yet equally unsurprised. Fox had periodically laid off a few people here and there since I had started in 2007. I never felt secure, even when I started with a three-year contract. I had not recovered from the real life-altering jolt of being laid off from NBC Universal in October 2006 after 13 years. Honestly, I don’t know if I ever will recover from that job loss. I had thought I was a lifer there. Having a job is a privilege.

I feel like I’ve hit a survivor milestone in these two years. I have collected unemployment, free-lanced, started my own business, sold items on eBay and Amazon and applied for “real” jobs. I’ve become a professional water-treader, of sorts. Unlike the California landscape, sometimes the water level of a professional water-treader can get precariously high. And I’m not the only one. I know several people who were laid off around this time who are doing the same juggling routine.

I’ve always been a loyal employee, staying at my jobs at least five years. I always had corporate jobs with benefits (that I never thought much about at the time.) I’ve been fortunate enough to have a temp assignment at Warner Bros. Home Entertainment for the past year. I get monthly assignments and find out a few days before the end of the month if I will be extended. This creates a tremendous amount of anxiety until I get that ping in my email. This perpetual limbo keeps me afloat, yet hinders me from moving forward. I am constantly reminded of my temp status, both in the work I do and the monthly health benefits I pay out-of-pocket (now I know how people who lease their Mercedes feel.) Having a job is a privilege. Boy, do I know.

Lay-offs are now pending at Warner Bros. and a whole new batch of dedicated employees will have their lives irrevocably altered. They’ll get severance packages and unemployment benefits to soften the blow, but the jobs they were so good at for so many years will be gone. They too will eventually join the treading water world of the unemployed and underemployed. My heart goes out to them.

Many of you know that I’m a big proponent of LinkedIn and often coach people on their profiles. I always warn people to be careful about updating their jobs in the experience section as it often sends out an unwanted “Congratulate Lynne on her new job!” notice. I’m glad it doesn’t send out “Lynne’s celebrating her two-year anniversary at Unemployed!”

Maybe I should add “Drought resistant” to my skills and expertise list on LinkedIn. Would you endorse me?

#Employment #Unemployment #LinkedIn

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September is the New January

Did you notice that Hell just froze over? That the cows came home? And the Fat Lady Sang? I know, it was all my doing. You see, I started an exercise program and stuck to it for its duration, and I owe it all to…September!

September is the new January. Just like January, when you’re so over the holidays, you can’t eat or drink another bite and you’re ready to wipe the slate clean, September gives us the same shiny new, optimistic feeling. Gone are the excesses of summer barbecues and weddings, laying around doing nothing (if you are so fortunate), watching endless Little League games (grown-up LL games are apparently called The Dodgers, FYI). It’s time again for a little structure and discipline to kick in.

After a brief family visit in August to Disneyland, I realized how pathetically out of shape I was. I have been going to a weekly “bootcamp” class on Saturdays for years, but that was pretty much all I did all week. My summer schedule also meant I skipped some of those workouts too. Walking around Disneyland for 10 hours will separate the fit from the flab-ulous. First, there were the pictures taken at unflattering angles while holding 1000 calorie cupcakes (The Bumblebee Lemon Cupcake at the Hungry Bear Restaurant in Frontierland is diet-busting worthy). Then there were the 14,000 steps logged in. I whimpered at the thought of walking back to my car.

Four Gullos in a log

Four Gullos in a log

My current freelance job at Warner Bros. has me sitting for eight hours. Our building is slightly off campus, so our eating options are downstairs in the cafeteria, next door at Claim Jumper where everything is over 2000 calories or a seven minute walk across the street to the WB Commissary. 90% of the time, I opt for downstairs because it is most convenient.

Late in August, while catching up on my daily industry news on WB’s home page “Behind the Shield,” I noticed a fitness class being offered. Usually the fitness classes are not featured and they are free to members of the gym, which I was not. This one was called FUNctional FITness and it was meeting M-F from 6-7pm for 20 sessions starting Sept 8. I had to pay for it and join the gym.

I emailed the instructor and asked, “Would you recommend this class for a sedentary slug with bad knees?” He responded back immediately, “Absolutely! Everyone has to start somewhere.” I felt encouraged. So I took the bold move and did something I have a very hard time doing–I committed. Even though I’ve been too lazy to walk across the street for a year, I was suddenly going to take a class five nights a week for four weeks (I knew I was going to miss four of them already). I joined the gym for three months not even knowing if I would still be employed that long (for now I’m there till 10/31).

I had to take an endurance test with the adorable and perfectly fit instructor to show him how inflexible, unbalanced and un-muscley I was. He continued to be very nice and encouraging. I asked him how the other 3 classmates were and he diplomatically replied, “Well, there are no Olympians.”

And so we began. My biggest fear is being “the one that holds up class” but I was pleasantly surprised to see my classmates and I were all pretty much on the same level. We stretched, moved our bodies and threw balls around. I got through it with little discomfort, but enough effort to make me grunt. I went back the next day and the next. All in all I did 16 of the 20 classes, which is 16 hours less of me sitting in a chair. I realized I COULD exercise every day and I felt a LOT better about myself. My fantasy of losing 10 lbs. in the process did not happen, but I still have hope that some day that will kick in too.

Now, when I get home and head to my Lazy-Boy I don’t feel quite so guilty. Beside, my second favorite thing about September has started – the new Fall TV Season! What are you watching?

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And the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series Goes to …

I have a cool perk from my old job at NBC. I am a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS)  and I get to vote for Emmy programs as a member of the Television Executives branch. Each year I get dozens of TV screeners on my doorstep. As a print professional, my first thrill is with the packaging. I still have a Food Network lunch pail and an American Idol 45 from the days when presentation was important.

Now, most networks send utilitarian packaging. Regardless of the outer package, I am thrilled that they still send DVDs. My intentions are always pure in April when they begin to arrive. I plan to watch them all. Quickly, the screeners become akin to Lucy and Ethel at the chocolate factory–there’s no way to keep up! I wonder if the TV critics even can. I end up relying on my friends and co-workers to help me decide what to vote for.

The way the Emmy voting process works is this In June, 17,000+ of us fill out ballots to nominate 10 shows per category (Comedy, Drama, Miniseries, Variety Show, etc.) There are some categories like Children’s programming that I don’t even fill out. Others like Unstructured Reality Program (Kardashians, Real Housewives, Duck Dynasty, etc.) I could not bring myself to vote for. After the nominations are announced, you can sign up as a Blue Ribbon Panel judge for two categories. You can’t judge the main categories more than two years in a row. This year I chose Short Format Nonfiction and Comedies.

For Short Format Nonfiction Program, we only had to judge if the piece was worthy of an Emmy. I said yes to 30 for 30 Shorts about Arthur Ashe and I Was There: Boston Marathon Bombings30 for 30 won.

For Outstanding Comedy Series you are sent two episodes of the nominated series: Orange is the New Black, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Louie, Veep and Silicon Valley. I think this is a flaw in the Emmy voting process. There should be more nominations and the panels should have to watch the WHOLE series. Of these series, I had watched one in its entirety already, had another on my DVR but had only seen a few episodes and had not watched any of the others.

I watched them in this order and here’s what I thought:

Orange is the New Black: I love this series and it’s the one I had already seen. As much as I love it, I have a hard time considering it a COMEDY.

The Big Bang Theory: I know lots of people love this show and I wanted to be one of them. I just couldn’t stomach the laugh track.

Louie: Very likeable, but I don’t think these episodes were the best of the season.

Modern Family: A favorite that I have fallen behind in watching. Reminded me of why I love it. Solid A-B-C story lines, great cast. Definitely worthy of winning for the fifth time.

Silicon Valley: Surprising. Had not hard many people talk about it. Made me want to watch more episodes, possibly too much of an inside joke to appeal to many,

Veep: Another surprise. I don’t get HBO so I had not seen this series before. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tony Hale, Anna Chlumsky, Matt Walsh, Reid Scott, Timothy Simons and Sufe Bradshaw are absolutely perfect in this cast. The dialogue and acting are so quick and on point it’s like watching an Argentinian Tango. It’s as irreverent as can be, yet with a mushy heartfelt core.

My Emmy vote, just edging out Modern Family went to VEEP Who would you vote for? I’ll be watching Monday night. Join me on Twitter @pinkypulse #Emmys!

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